By August 23, 2007

O2 Blackberry Curve unboxed

I look after a team of about 40 mobile users. More than half of them have Windows mobile devices of one sort or another. There is one thing that really bugs me though, and that’s the fact that everyone insists on calling any device with a keyboard a ‘Blackberry’!

It really isn’t that I have anything against Blackberry as such but it’s the same as calling all MP3 players and iPod (which also happens).

I wonder if this will be something familiar to other people out there that support a number of business users?

Anyway, we have been asked a lot recently about the differences between Blackberry and Windows Mobile and many people email to ask “Should I get a Blackberry or a Smartphone?”

We are keen to provide a balanced view of all technologies, so we thought that the best way to address this would be to review a Blackberry and compare it to Windows Mobile in the real world. O2 kindly sent us the rather attractive looking Blackberry Curve and Alasdair will be putting together a review for us in the coming weeks.

Here’s a brief unbox video of the device with a very quick comparison to a couple of WM models.

O2 Blackberry Curve

As always, feel free add your comments or to ask questions and we’ll do our best to cover them in the review (if not before).

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