By May 7, 2009

O2 iPhone exclusivity, is it coming to an end?

image So far Apple has had exclusive agreements with normally one major Carrier in every country that it is available in, just recently we have heard numerous rumblings that the UK exclusive deal with O2 is coming to an end and now we are actually starting to see other UK networks starting to mention the iPhone in strange ways. Earlier this week we saw a webpage from Orange with internet settings for your iPhone, a little strange considering that the settings were UK internet settings and Orange does not offer the iPhone as it is an O2 exclusive. Now we have discovered a Vodafone portal designed for the iPhone. It is basically a portal that gives you access to news but the question is why would Vodafone go to these lengths if they weren’t about to get the iPhone, adding to the confusion is the following line from the page:-

“Available to all iPhone users including non-Vodafone customers.”

This is getting very suspicious and leads us to believe that we may very soon see the iPhone on more than O2 in the very near future and to be honest, it is a good thing as choice of Carrier is a very important choice to have.

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