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O2 energy efficient universal mobile phone charger

image Telefónica O2 UK has today announced the launch of an energy efficient universal mobile phone charger – the O2 Universal Charger. The first product of its kind to be launched by a UK network, the O2 Universal Charger is amongst the most energy efficient in the UK cutting energy consumption by as much as 70 per cent compared to standard mobile phone chargers.

The O2 Universal Charger, which meets the strict energy efficient guidelines of the US Energy Star rating***, contains a power control system. This system considerably reduces charge to the mobile phone once the battery is fully charged even if the charger is left switched on in a plug socket. O2 estimates that phones left on charge costs Brits over £30m in wasted energy every year. Heat loss from the charger has also been eliminated, another source of significant energy loss from standard mobile chargers.

DSC_4858 Recent research conducted by O2 has revealed that a typical mobile phone charger wastes over 2.8 KWh of energy per year. With an estimated 73 million mobile phones in the UK the combined energy saved by all phones using the O2 Universal charger would be enough to make over 7 billion cups of tea. O2 estimates that by cutting off the unneeded charge to mobile phones, the Universal Charger could save the equivalent carbon emissions of over 36,000 cars per annum.

In addition to being energy efficient, the base unit of the Universal Charger will be accompanied by an inter-changeable leads making the charger compatible with most leading brands of mobile phones and eliminating the need to use a different charger with each mobile. It is estimated that there are currently in excess of 100 million mobile phone chargers in the UK.

Ronan Dunne, CEO, Telefónica O2 UK, comments: “People are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact products are having on the environment and with mobile the single biggest impact is the energy used in charging. The O2 Universal Charger offers customers a simple yet effective way of reducing the environmental impact of their phones and reduces the waste associated with charger disposal.”

O2’s Universal Charger is now available from all UK O2 stores priced £14.99. It will be available at an introductory discounted price of £7.49 when purchased with an O2 handset until 31st December 2008. Additional connection cables are available for £4.99.

The UK launch of the O2 Universal Charger represents an important first step in a wider global environmental initiative from Telefónica.

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