By June 10, 2010

O2 change data tariffs


Those cheeky folks at O2 are altering their data tariffs as from June the 24th which coincidently is iPhone 4 day.

Buy a phone on O2 today and you still get unlimited data although it will be a promotional data plan but that will only last until October when the plan expires.

So as from the 24th, the amount of data you are entitled to depends on how much you spend. Lower price tariffs will get 500mb then increasing to 750mb and then 1gb for top spenders.

Don’t worry if you think you will go over your allowance. O2 are happy to take some more cash from you in the form of a bolt on. £5 gets you 500mb and £10 gets you 1gb. How jolly generous of them!

You can see examples of the current plans below on a 24 month contract.

What will be interesting to see is if the other carriers start moving the goal posts.

Nice work O2!


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