By June 9, 2009

O2 bites the hands that feed it, but not mine!

image So after all the excitement of yesterdays iPhone announcements, O2 the exclusive Apple partner for the iPhone in the UK has destroyed the buzz for all current iPhone 3G subscribers. To upgrade my iPhone 3G to the new iPhone 3GS I have to pay the remaining 6 months of my contract off then sign a new 18 month contract and pay a minimum of £175.00 for the 32GB flavour.

So lets do the maths, 6 x £45.00 + £175.00 would give a cost to upgrade of £ 445.00 or at today’s exchange rate $717.00.

I understand that a contract was signed for 18 months but as a loyal O2 customer they could offer a little sweetener to help the early adopters, twitter is awash with complaints aimed squarely at O2’s twitter presence and so far they have patronised us with poor responses.

I have now made my decision and it has been hard to come to, I will not be upgrading to the iPhone 3GS it’s just not worth the money and I cannot bring myself to commit any more of my hard earned money to a network that obviously does not understand it’s customers or the old adage that a new customer costs 3 times more to win than to keep an existing one.

And don’t even get me started on tethering charges, £14.68 for 3 Gig or £29.36 per month for 10 Gig, not bad when your already paying for unlimited data as part of your iPhone contract.

So the iPhone killer never appeared as hardware but actually from one of it’s supposed allies #02Fail

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