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Number Dropper game Review

When Matt asked me if I wanted to review some games for my phone I wasn’t sure as I really don’t use my phone that much nor did I know when I would fidn the time to play games but I thought why not!

So the first game I have chosen to review is number dropper. It is only available on Pocket PC.

Number Dropper

Number Dropper is a very a simple idea, it’s somewhere between Tetris and Bookworm. It involves falling tiles. You have to remove all the tiles before they fill the screen. Each of the tiles has a number on and you can only remove tiles by clicking on the tile numbers that add up to the number at the top of the screen. Sounds easy and it starts off easy but soon gets more tricky!

Number Dropper Screen

In later levels bonus tiles are added. The golden bonus tile when used as part of a number chain removes the numbers from the remaining tiles for a short period and this enables you to remove the tiles where two or more of the same colour are touching.

Even further in to the game levels there are locked tiles which only show their number once they have been allowed to fall. In later levels some of the tiles have negative numbers on them!

This game has a very simple concept but is highly addictive and easy to play. I even gave it to Matt’s mum to play and despite the fact that she has never used a PocketPC before, she picked it up straight away and got hooked so much so that she ran the battery completely flat.

I would recommend this game as it is easy to learn and you can pick it up for a quick game now and then. Later levels get quite tricky as the target number at the top gets bigger so you have to do your mental arithmatic on the fly. It’s good brain exercise whist still being a lot of addictive fun!

Check Number Dropper on ClickGamer.


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