By January 25, 2009

Nokia’s E75 is beautiful, probably coming soon

nokia-e75-and E71 Earlier in the week, a new side sliding phone from Nokia was first spotted when the XpressMusic 5730 was spotted on a Russian gadget site. Now we have some high quality shots of  the new side sliding E-Series phone, supposedly known as E75. The E75 takes its design cues from the E71, and the E66, it also appears to share a similarly slim form factor, and it’s coming soon. How do we know it’s coming soon?

There is a standard  progression of cell phone leaks from Nokia on the internet, that all lead up to a phone’s eventual release or cancellation. Not all of these steps need to occur, but usually they do, and almost always in this order. First comes a leaked roadmap, maybe with a small drawing of what the potential phone looks like. Next comes a more detailed computer rendering of a potential device. Now we are up to the first blurry cam photos of  the device, maybe these are from an internal marketing video, or they come from someone at a carrier who got the device early for testing (the photos for the E75 first emerged in September). Next comes clear non-blurry photos of the phone, probably from the same sources as the blurry cam photos. Then some blog from Eastern Europe, Russia, or Taiwan inexplicably get a hold of the device months before it will be available and post a review. Then Comes the formal announcement from the manufacturer. Next the Mainstream news sources get a device for review. Then The device goes on sale, and finally about 9 months later the phone will be available for purchase in the USA (don’t mind the bitterness of that last part).

The E75 is progressing nicely, and is now at the "inexplicable Russian blog review" stage (though in this case the blog is from Sweden. With some major industry events coming in the next few weeks, there should be an official announcement soon.

Source: DailyMobile via Engadget Mobile

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