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The buzz around the new announced Nokia X6 is quite big although there are devices like the N900 and the N97 Mini which are drawing more attention.  However, the buzz is there for a very good reason. The Nokia X6 is the first S60 5th Edition device of the new announced X-Series and can be seen as an evolution of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. With the combination of features and services provided with the device, it will definitely appeal to a very large audience.

The candybar touch screen device has a very fresh and trendy look and it really aims to reach the younger generation. Not only are the looks appealing for young users but also the service it comes with. You will get a full Comes With Music license so that you can download as much music as you want, totally legal and without any additional costs. Nokia really encourages the user to download as much music as possible with putting a 32GB built in memory into the slick X6 as well as Wi-Fi. So you can download thousands of song without even worrying about your storage. If 32GB isn’t enough, you can top up the memory with a microSD card. Due to the microUSB port being situated at the very top of the device, you can transfer your music or any other data easily between the X6 and your computer.

X6-005 X6-006


The 3.2-inch scratch-resistant touch display is Nokia’s first attempt of using capacitive technology in their phones. What this means is that no pressure is needed and it is enough to touch the screen ever so slightly. In other words, this means that you cannot use your fingernail, a stylus or use the device when wearing gloves. Overall the screen reacts well and is very precise.



As the X-Series also stands for Multimedia, the Finish giant have placed a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and Carl Zeiss lens on the back. Just next to the camera lens we have the already standard Dual LED flash, which can be used not only for pictures, but also for VGA video recording. Other than that, the X6 comes equipped with A-GPS, an FM-Radio, several games and a bunch of pre-installed applications. One of which is Playlist DJ; an application helping you to find the best suitable music for your current mood. If you fell happy, angry or in love, the application will find you tracks to match your mood. It goes without saying that the X6 has a 3.5mm audio jack which allows to plug in any set of headphones you like.

The X6 isn’t as small as it could be. Either Nokia would have used a bigger screen or designed the device a little smaller. In any way, it’s slightly thinner and smaller than the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and also not as wide. It’s feels really nice in the hand. Unfortunately, it’s built completely out of plastic and has no highlights or good feeling materials, which spoils the usability a little bit. This is a pity as it’s priced at about €400 before taxes and subsidies. All in all, the X6 is offering a good hardware with a fantastic software package and will hit the high streets pretty soon. At the very end I have a short hands on:




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