By January 22, 2010

Nokia N900 replacing N97?

We reviewed the Nokia N900 recently and were quite impressed with the new Maemo OS, personally I like it better than Symbian. We also reported that the Nokia N97 and N97 mini seem to have been withdrawn from sale, at about the same time that the Nokia N900 hits the market.

Working in London I’ve started seeing posters and adverts for the Nokia N900 popping up all over the place and there are some huge adverts on the tube too so I’m guessing that Nokia are aiming the N900 at the consumer market now. So is the N900 ousting the N97 so that Nokia can sell the more expensive handset or is the N900 filling the void left by the N97 and N97 mini?

My personal opinion is that the N900 is probably filling the void. There have been lots of problems reported with the N97 that Nokia did not, apparently, address when they launched the N97 mini and according to one of our friends at the Carphone Warehouse, the N97’s were probably the third most returned handset just behind the Satio and Aino.

We did also hear a rumour recently that Nokia stated that 90% of the N97 handsets returned had no faults and that the reason for the high return rate was that customers were not able to get used to the user interface!? If that’s true then I think that the average consumer is definitely going to struggle with the N900 as I would have said that was more of an enthusiast phone than the N97’s were!

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


Do have a look at our Nokia N900 unboxing (complete with fox) and subsequent N900 demo and N900 review.


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