By July 26, 2010

No more Vodafone 360 H2


With the launch of Vodafone’s 2nd 360 device (the H2) imminent they have today decided to pull the plug on the device as from now! So if you wanted an H2 I am sorry to say you will be disappointed. Frankly I am not surprised. With the broad range of excellent operating systems out there at the moment Vodafone had to pull something quite special out of the bag with there own branded handsets but they didn’t. I only used the H1 briefly and that was enough for me!

This is what Vodafone have to say:

Vodafone’s core strategy remains to offer the best range of smartphones in all markets in which we compete. We have decided to accelerate our Vodafone 360 services strategy, making 360 services available on as many devices as we can as soon as we can. From now we will be focusing all efforts on expanding the range of handsets and platforms that support Vodafone 360 and in developing and enhancing the suite of Vodafone 360 services. Consequently there will be no further development of bespoke Vodafone 360 handsets, and activity on the H2 ceases with immediate effect.

We have always been clear that Vodafone 360 is about a suite of services, not just about bespoke devices. Our intent was always to provide services across as many handsets as possible on as many platforms. Today Vodafone 360 is available across a wide range of over 100 handsets and on 5 platforms and this will continue to expand going forward.


So 360 will live on, just not on their own branded handsets. So long H2.


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