By September 10, 2009

No Android Market on Samsung i7500?

Yes you did read that title correctly! We’ve had our hands on the Samsung i7500 Galaxy for a while and have been working on the review. Yesterday James, who’s doing the review, came to me to ask where the Android Market was on the i7500 and why couldn’t he find it?

My Initial reaction was that he must be going blind and that it must be on there. However, upon further inspection I can confirm that there’s no Android Market on our i7500. This has been further confirmed by other owners that indeed it is missing from the ROM for some reason! We have an EU retail model on review.

Having spoken to friends in Europe we know that the German version of the i7500 that’s available on the O2 network in Germany does indeed have the Market installed.

So the big question is why not on the EU retail version? Today I placed a call with Samsung and asked the questions; Why no Android Market on the EU model and can this be installed later somehow?

I’ve been told that I’ll have a reply to these questions later today so please do follow this thread on the forum for updates and let me know what you think and if the lack of Android Market would stop you buying the Galaxy – it would stop me. Bit like buying an iPhone with no App Store!

If you are already an i7500 owner I’d love to hear from you!


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