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ngmoco dropship for iPhone – review (now it is free!)

dropship is a game for iPhone and iPod touch, that is made by ngmoco – a company specialized in making iPhone games – and now this game is free! So, you might be thinking that a company that has received15 million dollars from vulture capitalists (as opposed to indie developers, who have only a little bit of free time and cheap Mac mini off eBay) would be able to do some good games, right? Right? No. This game sucks. Probably ngmoco released it now for free, just to attract gamers to their other, better, newer, games…

Here is how this game looks like:


You see what you get? A stick-based graphics and unrealistic space ship and canons that attack him! Also people who you need to pick look rough and are glowing (what? since when people are glowing?):


The structures that you are moving around also are very boring:


… however the most annoying thing are controls. While shooting works more or less, the control for moving is horrible. Controls work in this way that if you tap on left side of the screen a circle appears and you can move the ship in given direction. Similarly if you tap on the right side of the screen you direct shooting. However the problem is that control of movement is very annoying as you cannot circle around and fly around freely but it kind of pushes you flatly.

We know that getting controls in touchscreen-only device is a challenging thing, but from a company that has got over 15 million dollars – we expected much more.

Anywho: this game is free, so you can try for yourself without the risk for losing money. Games for iPhone and iPod touch are hot – a lot of them are being sold on the app store, but we have to yet find a game that would be appealing enough to continue playing with it all over again…

Get it here (price: absolutely FREE, go get it tiger!):

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