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Nexus One vs HTC HD2

A few days ago I posted some pictures and comments of the Nexus One vs the iPhone 3GS. That post seems to have gone down rather well and many of you have now asked for for photos of the HTC HD2 along side the Nexus One.

I’ve been using the Nexus One for about 5 days now and I’m still enjoying the experience. It’s a speedy little device for sure. Thanks to Paul I’ve also discovered a different web browser called Dophin Browser, that offers Multitouch on the Nexus One and so adds pinch to zoom functionality. It’s a pretty handy add-on, just a shame that the native applications don’t support multitouch.

So to the HD2 comparison photos.


As you can clearly see from the pictures below, the HTC HD2 is significantly larger than the Nexus One. The screen on the HD2 is 0.6″ bigger at 4.3″ vs the Nexus One at ‘only’ 3.7″. Both are the same 480×800 resolution though and both are capacitive. The Nexus One has an AMOLED screen though which makes the colours brighter and more vivid. The HD2 measures 120.5 x 67 x 11 mm and the Nexus 119 x 59 x 11.5mm. I think the size difference looks and feels more significant that the raw numbers suggest but that may be partly due to the HD2 being almost 30 grams heavier.

Nexus One and HD2 side-by-side


In terms of device ‘thickness’ there’s very little between the HD2 and the Nexus. I fact the Nexus is 0.5mm thicker than the HD2 which does surprise me. Holding and using them both you would think that it was the other way around at least. This, I assume, is probably due to the HD2 having slightly squarer edges than the Nexus.

Nexus One and HD2 bottom view

Nexons One and HD2 side on

Personally I think that this shot best demonstrates the size difference between the two devices. Having used the Nexus one for 5 days now when I pick up the HD2 it starts to feel a little too big.



So to completed the photo montage of handset comparisons here are a few of all three devices together. So we have Nexus One vs iPhone vs HD2. Looking at the three like this I think that the iPhone is starting to look a bit dated, I’m pretty sure that Apple will be addressing this later in the year! The HD2 is a big beast of a device both in terms of size and specification.


iPhone, HD2 and Nexus One

iPhone, HD2 and Nexus one front views


iPhone, Nexus One and HD2 stacked

iPhone, HD2 and Nexus One end on


Don’t forget to take a look at my Nexus One unboxing and demonstration video if you haven’t already. And please do post your questions or comments about the Nexus One (or anything really) over on our forums using the comment link below.


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