By September 15, 2008

News from the Xperia X1 webcast

image As you already know Sony Ericsson had a webcast session today, showing off the soon to be released Xperia X1. We were watching the event and share below some of the details of the webcast. It was a little disappointing as a lot of the time was spent talking about the device marketing. More details after the break

image The webcast started by showing the first two episodes of the webisodic thriller, ‘Johnny X it will have nine parts in total. Now they are doing a question and answer session on Johnny X, anyway who cares we just want to see the phone not all this marketing blah blah.

Ok here is Magnus Andersson, Senior Product Manager for the Xperia X1 should hear something interesting now. He is describing the X1 as an exquisitely made suit with a colourful inside.

He is now talking about the software and is showing us his home screen with the SE media panel, browsing media, photos, music and movies. Showing the latest James Bond film at 30 fps, looks nice.

Talking about the tiles he describes it as having nine active desktops at the same time.

You can download new panels from SE website. Not showing much interaction with the screen although it does switch from portrait to landscape very smoothly.

Magnus has been using the phone for the last six months and allows him to leave his laptop behind.

You can only have one panel screen with 9 panels, no extra panel screens can be used. You can download new panels over the air or via a PC

Availability 30th September

No pricing set yet but it will be premium and set by the Carriers

Can you update to Win Mo 7 in the future…no comment

Flash will be supported in a future upgrade not on launch

No TV Out

Specific keyboards for different countries

Panels seem quite responsive, better than I expected

That’s all folks not enough hands on with the device for me and they ignored my request to show the speed of switching the panels which is disappointing, they should have shown much more of the device operating.


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