By October 11, 2006

New HTC Artemis review

The first review of the new HTC Artemis (HTC P3300) has appeared on we like this website as they are always very thorough with their reviews.

HTC Artemis

“The device’s appearance looks out of place when compared to other HTC-branded solutions – one can readily figure out new concepts, unseen before in the company’s products. In my opinion, it’s the way of getting mature for the company, developing a more austere design. The P3300’s outlook is very distinctive and original – I could hardly force myself to call it a clone of something. The only thing beyond my grasp is why they would need to adopt Nokia 6680/6681’s silver side-framings”.

HTC Artemis is based on now quite old HTC Prophet/HTC Wizard platform, thus their performance and lifetime tests are quite similar, sometimes even alike. Should we consider HTC Prophet (Qtek S200) as the starting point, we will have the following differences between these models:

  • Embedded GPS – the main innovation;
  • Embedded FM-radio;
  • Completely revamped design (the model has a unique face), new materials used, the device is thinner and lighter than the predecessor;
  • Unique HTC RollR controls;
  • Installed AKU 3.0 update pack;
  • New socket for wired headset;
  • Better camera quality, though without macro-mode;
  • MicroSD instead of SD/MMC, maximum capacity is smaller, no hot swap feature.
  • Check out the full review HERE.


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