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New phone buying tips

mobile_phone_generic In our digital age, it’s unlikely you know anyone who doesn’t own a mobile phone. Even your Nan has been pushed into carrying one, regardless of whether she actually uses it or not.

With the market booming how can you haggle the best deal for yourself when the mobile giants no longer need to give you the hard sell on the latest handset?

The key to unlocking an Aladdin’s Cave of unique offers and upgrades is loyalty. Customer loyalty, or retention, is the Holy Grail for networks. The competition is longer about getting customers but simply about holding onto them.

Your power lies in your ability to switch contracts if the grass looks greener elsewhere.

With that in mind, be brave, start playing hard ball and get to grips with our top tips on how to get the most out of your network provider.


Tip One – Timing

Aim to negotiate about a month before your contract is up for renewal. If you try before it’s unlikely you will get anywhere, instead receiving a flat “your contract isn’t up until said date so you can’t leave until then anyway”.

If you make contact at a time when you could realistically look to move then your provider is more likely to take your threat seriously.


Tip Two – Do Your Research

It’s not going to be a long process, so don’t worry. All you have to do is log onto a price comparison site and analyse your existing package (number of texts, minutes, your handset and line rental) with the alternative major network providers and find if there are any better deals out there.

If someone is offering a better price, with better features for what you are already paying or less then demand your guys match it. or you’ll switch teams.


Tip Three – Be Confident.You’re In Control

If there is a better offer elsewhere it’s essentially best for you to switch companies anyway so don’t regard this conversation as bluffing.

Be in little doubt that you can get perks you didn’t think possible. Free phones, upgrades, cash back, broadband, plus hundreds of texts and minutes are all easily attainable if you talk terms in a controlled and confident manner.


Go for It.

To do this you need to ring your current operator and start the negotiations. You’ll probably be put through to Customer services or ‘disconnections department’, which are they guys who can give you an individual package just to retain your business.

Despite having great deals available to you we would advise not pushing your luck too far. Too much and they might call your bluff. A quick “I need to think about it and I’ll call you back” is an easy way out.

At this point if there are better packages elsewhere consider taking on the hassle and changing package but do it on your terms not theirs. However it’s always possible to call again, speak to someone else and hopefully get a quite different response!

If you’re in a controlling contract and are looking for a great alternative take a look at our pick of the best packages available at the moment from

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