By October 7, 2008

New iPhone security flaw

karlkraftexploit Yet another security flaw in the iPhone’s software had been found, and while it’s probably not particularly harmful to the majority of users, it is pretty interesting. Karl Kraft posted the exploit on his blog, but he wasn’t the one to uncover it. No, despite his skills with a computer and knowledge of the software, he didn’t find it. Instead he says it was found by his 12-year-old son.

The flaw is fairly basic. When the iPhone is locked using a passcode in emergency call only mode and with text message previews disabled, the iPhone will still show incoming text messages.

In these circumstances the iPhone should just show a "New Text Message" preview window, but instead it shows as much of the message as will fit in the preview window and the name or number of the sender.

While this isn’t nearly as big an issue as many of the exploits we’ve seen, it would make it possible for someone else to see possibly private information sent to you.

You can get more details on the exploit and some screenshots at his blog,

[via Ars Technica]


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