By September 11, 2008

New input software called Swype


From one of the guys behind arguably the greatest mobile hardware input method (T9), comes what’s shaping up to be the greatest ever software input method, Swype!

It’s taken long enough but more and more these days, companies are trying to make our use of mobile devices more friendly. However, as good as the software input methods sometimes are, they can never really beat a full qwerty keyboard or T9-enabled keypad. This new method called Swype, developed by Cliff Kushler (an inventor of T9), looks to change that with some rather innovative guesswork…

As you can see from the CNET video, the speed of this new method is incredibly fast. Eagle-eyed viewers may also have noticed the software running on what appears to be a Touch Diamond which you’d hope means we’ll be seeing this on new devices very soon!




[Source] – Via Modaco

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