By February 16, 2010

New from Sony Ericsson


Sony Ericcson have pulled out a few devices from their back pockets. Lets take a look at them:

DSCN0704I honestly quite like the Vivaz Pro, I’m a sucked for slide out Qwerty keyboards and this one is much from Touch Pro2 than Motorola Milestone. Large comfortable keys. Flicking through the operating system I found it easy to use and quite nippy. I’ll be honest, one of the SE Technicians was trying to prise one open that had gotten stuck. These has only been out on display for around 2 days and already the mechanism was causing problems. The one I played with seemed solid so perhaps someone had been extremely heavy handed with it. The OS seemed a little too familiar, and I would have thought it was Symbian based if I didn’t know any better.



Here is another device I think a lot of, the Aspen. We discussed this Windows Mobile 6.5.3 device in our recent podcast and I noticed that whilst 6.5.3 has capacitive implementation this still packed a stylus so it must feature a resistive screen. The demo model was not turned on and wouldn’t so I couldn’t;t have a play. Maybe tomorrow.


The two new X10 Mini options are … probably going to sell quite well. They make for a sensible second device, the Pro easily being the more attractive of the two. I filmed a demonstration I received by one of the helpful staff and shall post it on Friday.

All in all Sony Ericsson have put out a nice variety of devices recently but I wouldn’t say any of them are real winners. Time will tell and we’ll certainly get as many as possible in for review.

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