By November 1, 2013

Who needs pockets when you can put it in your arm

originalGerman Tim Cannon, a “biohacker” has stuck a giant computer chip beneath his skin. The Android power device transmits his biometric data to other Android devices. The chip is kept safe because it’s sealed inside a protective case. The device is powered via a battery, which needs to be charged. Thankfully this has some wireless charging technology built in.

The craziest part about all this is that, as he explains in an interview with Motherboard, no certified doctor could ever perform the operation required to get the chip inside his arm. My guess is a doctor probably likes their license too much to attempt something like this. So he instead had to get help from “body modification enthusiasts”, the type of people who put stuff like horns under their foreheads. As you do.

The guy who ended up doing the job was one such enthusiast by the name of Steve Haworth. Because Steve isn’t a medical professional, he wasn’t licensed to use aesthetics. The device, called a Circadia, is going on sale soon for around $500. installation price not included.

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