By May 2, 2009

N97 to be slower than you’d expect


Oh boy. In the past there has been a lot of talk about Nokia’s upcoming flagship N97 and why it has some difficulties keeping its apps up and running, and now we have official word as to the likely reason — it’s powered by an ARM 11 processor that clocks in at a limp 434MHz. Seriously.

While we know it’s not always about how many MHz a processor has but how efficient the processor itself is (as well as other components), this is a flagship handset we’re talking about here. After all, the N97 will likely command an insane price tag up around $800 with a processor that only has a 65MHz advantage over the hum-drum 5800 XpressMusic. And If you want to get even more snooty, here’s a little food for thought:

  • BlackBerry Bold – 624MHz
  • HTC Magic – 528MHz
  • HTC Touch Pro2 – 528MHz
  • Palm Pre – est. 600MHz
  • Samsung i8910 – 600MHz

C’mon Nokia!

[BGR Via Engadget Mobile]

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