By February 25, 2009

N95 running an arcane version of Windows

n95-windows-3.1 If you love the N95 but hate S60, I have great news for you. Some enterprising developers in Poland have replaced the aging S60 operating system found on the Nokia N95 with an even more older desktop OS, Windows 3.1. Using DOSBox Polish developer Marcin-PRV managed to get the most popular OS in the world (in 1993) to run on the N95. While this particular trick is probably not terribly useful, it sure is neat.

Aside from being a nifty party trick, there is a serious side to this demonstration. This proves just how powerful the phones in our pockets are. Just over 10 years ago, all businesses, and schools were using computers that were less powerful than most of the phones on the market today. Nobody would seriously argue that those machines weren’t important to education, and business, but today, there are many people who are considered serious thinkers suggesting that mobile phones are just distractions in offices and classrooms. The only difference between the computers of yesterday, and the phones of today, is that phones are more powerful, more versatile, and smaller than those old computers ever were.

Source: UberPhones

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