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Multitouch on Nexus One without waiting

As I mentioned last night, Google have released an official update for the Nexus One that enables multitouch on the Nexus One. This is an over-the-air update that should be pushed to all Nexus handsets but the problem is it’s a gradual process so you just have to wait for your handset to tell you that the update is available.

If, like me, you hate waiting for something like this and want multitouch right now then there’s an option where you can download an update ZIP file and apply this through the recovery mode on the handset. You do not need an unlocked or ‘rooted’ handset to be able to do this and the good news is that it wont wipe any of your existing data!

You can find the full details on Android Forums.

The procedure:
1. obtain the file
2. reboot into the bootloader
3. select recovery
4. apply

Obtain the file from here: -Thanks Fabolous


Rename the file to (in Windows, just rename to update – it is already a zip file)
-Make sure the file is on the root of your sdcard (not in any folders)
-To reboot into the bootloader, turn off the phone. Then power on while holding down the trackball.
Navigate to the option ‘recovery’
When the Android w/ caution logo pops up, hold down the power+volume up
Select ‘apply’
Thanks chief99 for the bootloader specific instructions.


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