By February 18, 2007

More on HTC Advantage

HTC announced 4 new devices this week but the one that everyone is talking about is the HTC Advantage.

The Advantage was originally called codenamed the HTC Athena but this was changed to HTC X7500, however earlier this week the official annoucement confirmed the new name of HTC Advantage, the device even got its own website .

So who will be buying this the Advantage? Are you looking to purchase one? We would like to hear your thoughts about the device!

For those amoung you that are impatient our friends at Clove are offering the chance to pre-order the HTC Advantage on their website.

HTC Advantage

Infosync world have been talking about the device on their site:

Though the Advantage has a quad-band GSM/EDGE/HSDPA radio, HTC told us they don’t imagine this device taking the place of a cell phone, which makes sense because holding the device to your ear would be ridiculous. The device is quite large, even larger than some UMPCs we’ve seen, which puts the Advantage in a strange position.

Read more about the HTC Advantage HERE and HERE.


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