By April 1, 2008

Mobiles on planes, a step closer

I can’t think of anything worse, imagine sitting on a plane for 8 hours next to someone that uses the their mobile phone the whole time. A thirty minute train journey is bad enough, and you have the option to move to another seat or stand on a train but you just know that you’ll be stuck next to the noisy one on your flight!

The above may well become a reality if the plans get passed by Ofcom. Ofcom, which has been examining the proposals since last year, said that the plans would be subject to approval by the relevant British and European aviation bodies. The regulator said that the decision had been developed with other European Union countries and that the system could be used in European airspace.

Under the plan, airlines would allow passengers to use cellphones once planes reach a minimum altitude of 3,000 meters, or 10,000 feet.

So what do you think? Personally I would be pleased to be able to use data and text based mobile services but I would rather that voice services be barred, either that or have very strict rules as to where and when phones could be used on the flight, perhaps insisting that calls be made and received only in the galley areas.

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