By December 6, 2008

Mobile web surfing not that popular in the UK

image have asked over 2000 UK citizens about their mobile internet experiences and got a resounding thumbs down. Nearly three quarters of users have internet capabilities on their phones, less than a quarter actually use it. Cost and speed were big issues, with 70 percent saying they had no idea how much it would cost and 24 per cent reporting that mobile surfing was too slow. One in eight actually called mobile internet ‘pointless’.

This comes as no surprise to me at all, with Nokia leading the pack in the UK they hardly deliver a fantastic mobile web experience on their “standard phones” along with the awfully confusing data tariffs and product knowledge from the networks it is bound to have a bad effect on uptake. The iPhone, love it or hate it and for that matter the T-Mobile G1 will slowly start to change this as they are an always on connected devices and come with all you can eat data plans so concerns over costs should disappear. Lets hope so as more than 75% of mobile users are missing out on a fantastic web experience when matched with the right hardware and the speed of connection is down to a lack of knowledge as we have HSDPA speeds that can deliver higher speeds than a lot of homes fixed ADSL connection.

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