By October 27, 2010

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 93: Andy is h ing pro ems w his con tion

Web banner You read that right! Andy makes about as much sense as a cracked record this week but the boys and girl struggle on without regard. James delivers a report on the San Francisco, Matt gets his hands on the N8, Tracy wears a suit, Andy gets annoyed at 3UK and Gareth’s fiancée falls foul of a prank call.

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Gareth, Tracy, James, Andy and Matt

Show Notes

iPhone outsells BlackBerry

Orange San Francisco review

Nokia N8 unboxing

Garmin Asus NuviPhone unboxing

Palm Pre 2 Commercial

HTC 7 Mozart on PAYG

Devicewire have the HTC Desire HD in stock

Onthefly arrived for Android, already out for iPhone

Gareth SHOULD have an Archos 101 tomorrow

HTC 7 Mozart review – soooooon

Choose your OS for Venue Pro – Dell to offer WP7 or Android

Three delay puc codes


The podcast team get their ghoulies out for Halloween.

Bargain corner

EA Games on sale in the App Store 463 titles!

Super cheap 16gb USB drive for £12.99

LG GD910 £375.00

Nokia X3-02 £89.95 on O2

Bosch 32cm Electric Rotary Lawnmower

HTC HD Mini with free Co-Pilot & car accessory kit at T-Mobile (plus go through Quidco for £80 cashback) 24 mth contract £25 per month

Listener corner

My daughter wants a BlackBerry. Problem is we get no service here and I rely on a Vodafone sure signal and the upload is 18kbps. Help!


I spoke to you last year regarding HTC Hero,
I still have it for another year, the upgrade on Andriod OS was a much needed update when I finally got it, but sadly it has dramatically slowly the phone down and can no longer cope well with many askings of it. They still havent solved the fact that when yu sync to a exchange server only the inbox syncs, but hopefully next year they would of cracked this of that new HTC 7 Mozart will become a more attractive buy.
Anyway, my other half is looking for a phone now and I was wondering if I could ask from some more advice form you? 
She is looking at the HTC Desire or the Sony X10. I have had a look, and I cant see much difference between them 
Any thoughts? Also do you think there is a better phone out there for her needs, mainly facebook and internet, no email requirement really.

James Lowther

Hey James… in engadgets review of Win Pho 7, they say that there is no universal search… i.e. you can’t search for an app or a contact, etc. like in the iPhone or in Android, etc… Is that true? I thought that was a part of the system…?


James’ Lymericks

Another from Big Jim Davis


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