By October 19, 2010

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 92: Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Hills

Web banner It’s all go for James this week as he has his hands all over a bunch of new devices. Andy gets his panties in a bunch about Everything Everywhere. Gareth voices some concerns about Angry Birds. Gizmodo annoy us. Matt snivels a bit and Tracy wipes his nose.

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Regulars – Gareth, James, Andy and Matt


Show Notes

New Section – What did you have for tea?

Dell Venue Pro news  – Yummy

HTC 7 Mozart unboxing

HTC Gratia

Gizmodo – JR

Matt has a Nokia N8

Palm os 2.0 free upgrade for all.  Pre 2 on its way!

CPW has the Galaxy Tab on Pre-order – I have some news on this one – JR

Vote for tracyandmatt in the Computer Weekly blog Awards 2010

HTC Desire HD unboxing and some news

BlackBerry Style coming to Sprint

Angry Birds for Android released

Everything Everywhere to open new stores

Bargain corner

Matt is offering 50% discount on his lawn mowing business.

Palm Pixi Plus 109 
HTC Wildfire £129 on Vodafone
Alcatel OT 980 £99.95 running Android 2.1

Orange 8 for £8 (each)

HTC Desire HD – Phones 4 U 500 mins, 3000 texts, 500mb data, 18 months – £35

Listener corner

Love the bargain corner but you only really feature low end phones. Can you do higher end phones? I bought a Palm Pixi Plus and I love it. Happy using it as it’s different to all the other phones. The iPhone and HTC phones are all the same but the Pixi is different and it looks like a Blackberry but isn’t.



Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. Really, really good. Thanks> Alex.

From Twitter:


@davidkeppler  Hi, Andy re your comments on the podcast, the 99 quid Orange San Francisco can be unlocked, modaco cheaply.

James’ Lymericks

Another from Mr Davis (Snr)


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