By September 15, 2010

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 88: Noodle

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The guys are back together and manage to survive the podcast with no drops and having to resort to impersonations of each other to create a flawless illusion to disguise any technical errors they might be encountering. On this mesmerising journey James visits Nokia, Andy comments on the future of Phones 4U, Matt tests the Sony Ericsson Zylo and Gareth uncovers Vodafone’s pricing blunder on the Blackberry Torch.

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Regulars – Gareth, James, Matt and Andy

Show Notes

James goes to Nokia World then goes back to Nokia World
James buys a dress of the HTC PARTY!!!!
James gets his hair done for the HTC PARTY!!!!
James has a manicure for the HTC PARTY!!!!
James buys new birth control for the HTC PARTY!!!! (just in case)
New iPhone 4 Jailbreak
Phones 4u in sale speculation
Sony Ericsson Zylo unboxing video
Ericsson activates the 10,000th shared site in the MBNL consolidated network
Samsung Apollo
Vodafone Prohibits P2P Use for Broadband Customers
Vodafone has just announced that it will be accepting pre-order or the Blackberry Torch
Rebelsim card dual sim adapter for iphone 4

A BIG announcement! 🙂

Bargain corner

Monkey Island 2 59p on iPhone Here
Blackberry Curve only £10 a month for existing Virgin customers
10% off iPhone 4 on Vodafone – Code: nation10
T-Mobile Sim Only – 12 Months, 600mins, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited Data (3GB)

Listener corner

Hi Guys,
Love the show and have been a listener from show 1.
Could you answer a Blackberry related question for me as I have not found a suitable answer so far.
I currently use a Galaxy S and sync my work calendar and google calendar and view it in one list, while all the time the calendars are kept separate on the back end.
I also have a Bold 9700 setup against the office BES server (running 5.0 BES). I would like to see my google calendar alongside the corporate one but I can not seem to find an easy way.
Google Sync seems at first try to do the job but rather than adding an additional calendar on the blackberry it seems to load all your google entries into your one BB calendar. BAD as this then syncs back up to the corporate one Merging the two.
Any ideas, on my iPhone and my Galaxy this is simple stuff but Blackberry seem to make it hard.
Keep up the great work guys.

I bought an iphone locked to O2. Will my Giffgaff sim work in it?


James’ Lymericks


Gareth Myles –
Andy Lee –
James Richardson –
Matt and Tracy Davis – (and James the love child)

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