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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 80: 80! Ya hear that? 80!

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This week Gareth, Andy, Matt and James are chewing the fat about Apple, HTC and Blackberry in this action packed mobile podcast. The iPhone 4 resolution is upon us, the Nexus One is being laid to waste and RIM put a little effort in Blackberry.

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James, Matt and Andy

Show Notes:

Apple iPhone 4 Review
Apple signal the arrival of iOS 4.0.1
RIM and Nokia Not Happy with Apple
HTC Fights Back to Apple’s Claims
Apple Offers Free Cases!
iOS 4.1 Available to Developers
Media on BlackBerry 6
The new BlackBerry browser
R.I.P Nexus One
HTC Desire HD specs rumoured / More HTC Ace/HTC Desire HD speculation
HTC 1 takes breath away
Droid 2 Is Definitely Coming!
LogMeIn leaves Beta behind on Android
Verizon Fully Kills the Kin
Windows Phone 7 gets previewed
Mobile industry is shafting customers on contract cancellations

James has a rant about Orange
PC World Story — James

Bargain Corner:

ZTE Racer Black

giffgaff iphone app 🙂

Listener questions

Hello guys!
I’ve been a listener since Chris was presenting the Podcast. Love the show and the current line up. I must say it did take me a while to warm up to Andy…. I think this is only because I’m an ex Carphone Warehouse employee, and his bashing of them was difficult to hear. Especially when I gave excellent customer service and product knowledge being a phone geek. It maybe obvious, but not every store is the same….. Any who, I’m over that and now I know more about Andy and his back ground, I really do value his input into most conversations you guys have!
Enough ass kissing…. on with my question.
I think this one is best answered by Andy, but if any one else can offer an answer I’m all ears.
I’m heading off on holiday to Turkey in August. Last holiday we had, we were in a villa where paid to have WiFi there, but that isn’t an option to us where we are going. As we progress in this digital age, not to been connected to the digital world is horrid thought. Obviously I could roam on O2 (I’m an iPhone 4 owner) but since I don’t have MUG tattooed on my head (and sleep on a bed of money) this really isn’t going to be an option for me. There is 5 of us going. Me, the better half, her parents and her brother. 3 of use are iPhone users, and because of this I was thinking that the best solution for us would be some thing like a MiFi portable hotspot with a Turkish data SIM in it. What do you think guys? Would this be the best option?
I set about trying to do some research and it seems like there is only two main network providers in Turkey. One is Vodafone. Navigating their website is tough. Even with Google translate. I think there is a good pre pay dongle you can get from them, but they don’t seem to list any thing like a MiFi. I was planning to purchase an unlocked MiFi before I went away and get a SIM when I was over there. The question I have, is that how do I know the MiFi will support the Turkish Voda network settings??
All seems a little confusing for me, and hard to gather information about foreign countries before you travel. Is there a website out there that offers more in depth advice about this type of question?
I’m leaving it a little late because I leave on the 19th of August, but I’d love for any help you can offer, or maybe fellow listeners.
Thanks very much for your time guys, and thank you again for the podcast you produce.
David King


how do i add people on to my whats app like my BB contacts and Iphone contacts??? Simple Pimple – James

Limerick time


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