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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 79: The Giff of the Gaff

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This week Gareth, Matt, James and Andy have a very special guest, Mike Fairman, the CEO of Giffgaff. In a lengthy  interview Mike answers listener questions along with being grilled by a panel of Mobile Morons (not including Andy.)

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Regulars: Gareth, Matt, James and Andy.
Special Guest: Mike Fairman

Show Notes

Chat with Mike Fairman, CEO of Giffgaff

iPhone 4 review is complete and will be published soon. Matt has a problem!

SE X10 Mini Pro unboxing

Motorola Charm appears

LG puts out 1.6 Android device!!!!!! GOSH!

BlackBerry 6 official video

Webkit browser on BlackBerry

BlackBerry Storm 3 Specs Leaked

Bargain corner:

Alcatel OT708

Samsung Tocco Ultra
Nokia X3 on PAYG Tesco direct for less than £80

Tesco iPhone4

Nokia N900

Giffgaff goodie bags

Giffgaff questions:

Gareth intro: "We’re joined by Mike Fairman CEO of GiffGaff, you may have heard us talk about GiffGaff quite a bit here on MTA and – indeed like myself I think that both Matt and Andy are GiffGaff customers!?"   any more G?"

  • In a nutshell, what makes GiffGaff different to any other network offering?
  • What is your back ground? Are you a previous employee of one of the networks? If so,

   a)what was your position there?
   b)Why did you decide to set up giffgaff?

  • How can GiffGaff offer better value than 02? But still running on the same 02 network: why choose O2 as the carrier?
    Is Giffgaff an O2 sponsored venture or are you completely independent?

           a)if Independent, why choose O2 as the carrier?
           b)can you switch to another network or are you under contract for so many years?
           c) why would a network carrier allow you to use their network if they know you are going to offer a much better product than they do?
    (to demonstrate my point,  I see Virgin as a different model to TMobile, not better, just tailored to a different customer base. GiffGaff trounces O2 in every department which ever way you look at it ‘unless’ you want a contract subsidised handset – are they are probably one of the worst out there for that anyway? oh, and the reason I’m with o2 PAYG is to simply get the cheaper home broadband! Rarely use the sim!)
                If O2 venture:
            a)Why undercut themselves and generally make a much better network model rather than do it at O2?
    (at such cheap and competitive pricing, is GiffGaff sustainable? What number or subscribers to you have and whats the break even number? so far I have received more in payouts than I have paid out in topups for very little effort. Is this sustainable? )

  • When will international roaming be activated
  • Does giffgaff have throttled data? I get 2.2mb on Vodafone and only 0.5mb on giffgaff.
  • My iphone 4 says i’m on the O2 network. My Dell Streak used to say Giffgaff….. Although I have nothing against O2 is this something Giffgaff can change?
  • Will you allow tethering in the future?
  • Why can’t I buy more than one goody bag in a month? I needed to use my phone for an emergency the other day and used up all my minutes. Now i have to wait 2 weeks before my new goody bag starts. This means my Mum will not get hear weekly call! :O)
  • Visual voicemail for iphone. Will giff gaff support it?
  • Will Giffgaff introduce a £20.00 or £25.00 goodybag for more minutes? £15.00 to £35 is quite a jump.
  • Will you allow me to buy 12 months worth of goodybags at 1/2 price? Why not?
  • I had an idea that you could design a giffgaff wallpaper for your fans to use on their phones. This is a freebie idea to take back with you.
  • Oh, and congratulations to being the only network to actually look up the definition of the word ‘unlimited’.
  • Do Giff Gaff have any plans to support BlackBerry in the future, bearing in mind that O2 do not support PAYG BB Services? – James
  • there was an announcement that 02 and vodafone would be sharing cell towers, at the moment I can use vodafone but get no o2 signal at home which means no giffgaff, does he know anything about when it may happen?

     * MINI SIM CARDS for Ipad/iphones (ANDY)


What phone do you use?

Hi Guys,

Feedback for you: Brilliant podcast, always makes me laugh, and sometimes informative!

A question also if I may? Since getting my iPhone4 I have noticed that my data usage has shot up. On the 3gs I don’t think I used 500 meg in 6 months but with the 4 I hit over 800mb in a week! This is with no real difference in usage patterns as far as I can tell. The O2 tech support said it was because the cellular usage figure includes WiFi but I find that hard to believe. As of today, having reset the stats, it has recorded 190k downloaded on cellular data, but has not been outside of my home WiFi coverage! Have any of you noticed this? On the plus side, O2 say they cant see any huge data use, but I’m worried I will get a huge bill in a months time.


PS. Andy, the Pre is still fine. Mainly an alarm clock but it gets an occasional outing as a phone and would still be my next choice after the iPhone.

I am having some trouble since apple released upgrade 4 for iphone 3gs.  I use to be able to go to my address book for location to set an appointment and now only some of my contact will work the way they use to and some the map vibrates and it will not transfer all data to location. Any ideas on what I can do? I have applied all resent updates from the itunes website.


Limerick time


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