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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 77: is that an extra pixel in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

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This weeks podcast is a special, epic length chat session. Matt and Gareth quiz industry specialist Tom Monetto on exciting new screen technology from Sharp, Matt’s better half, Tracy, has her say on the HTC Wildfire, Andy doesn’t get his iPhone quite as planned, Vodafone takes a bashing and

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Regulars: Howling Mad Richardson, Hannibal Davis, Faceman Myles and BA Lee
Guests: Tom Monetto and Tracy Davis

Show Notes

HTC Wildfire Review

Andy and James have iPhone4

iPhone issues

MSN Live issues on iPhone perhaps?!

Tom Monetto has been working in the TV industry since the introduction of Plasma TVs. He has worked in a number of European and country-specific roles within the TV sector before taking on his current position of AQUOS Product Manager for Sharp UK.

  • What is Quattron technology?
  • Why yellow?
  • If the signal coming in was recorded in RGB, then how can the Quattron reproduce the colour?
  • Why has Sharp chosen Edge LED as opposed to Backlit LED?
  • Does Edge LED lighting make a difference in picture quality?
  • Cost and rejectection rates.
  • Who is the target market for a TV with Quattron technology?
  • Can you tell us anything about Sharp’s development of 3D technology?
  • Why has Sharp chosen to develop their 2D Quattron technology instead of 3D?
  • How does Sharp see 3D technology developing in the future?
  • Will we see this technology come to smaller screens like mobiles?
  • What is the most popular product line for Sharp
  • Finally what phone have you got!?

VODAFONE to poor people, die die die

SE Aspen

Hero update

HTC Vision

SE X10 Mini

Skyfire – Android

Skyfire – KILLS ITSELF🙂 ?

Matt rants about Orange this week!

Bargain corner:

iPhone 4 deal:
For the 32GB Handset:
Handset cost – £429 Upfront
Monthly cost – £20
TOTAL – £669.00

For the 16GB Handset:
Handset cost – £349 Upfront
Monthly cost – £20
TOTAL – £589


Dear  mobile tech addicts.
I am writing to you guys again in response to my phone the c905. I am on 02 pay monthly(£30).With unlimited internet data.I originally wrote to you two weeks ago,thank you for reading my email. I am unable to view video on mobile,ie you tube etc..In your reply you said that i should find out which access point i am on/using. (Q)Where do i find this information from,do i need to go to there website(02). or do i call 02 customer service or visit a 02 shop. My contract is via Carphone warehouse. What do I say to them, how can I best explain it to them.please advice.
Thank You.
Amin Khan

Chris Writes:
Hi Andy, i know your a helpful guy so I wondered  if you could help me out with Vodafone? Following your great advice from a podcast I managed to cancel my Vodafone contract early due to the unlimited data bundles being capped at 500mb.
I wrote a letter (from template) and then called a few days later as I had not had a response. The lady I spoke to cancelled my contract without much fuss and I was very happy. 2 days later a guy called me about the letter I sent and I said no need as it had been cancelled already.
Now I just got a final bill from Vodafone that includes £168.61  charge for cancellation prior to contract end date. I just spoke to customer services and they said I cancelled my contract before the changes took affect so I have been charged for cancellation. They say that the announcement was just advisory. Any Idea’s to where to go next?  The Swansea call centre would not budge even after being bumped up to the manager.


I was just wondering if you could help me im wonting a new phone but im not sure on what to get and i need it on pay as you go and i dont wont nothing too expensive no more then £120 so if you could help me i would love it
p.s love the website and the clips very helpful

Limerick Time! – I have 2


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