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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 73

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Andy, James, Matt and Gareth are back for another fun filled chat about mobile technology. Matt lets off a little steam about PC World, Andy  rants about the network, James hums over the Samsung Galaxy Portal and Gareth recommends three budget phones hidden in darkened corners of the internet.  

Regulars: James Richardson, Matt Davis, Gareth Myles and Andy Lee

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Show Notes

iPad hits today

Asus to pump out some tablets

x10 2.1 coming in Autumn?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini pre-order

Bunch of Android phones benchmarked

Acer Stream announced

T-Mobile to push Android full force

Orange bringing some affordable Androids

Hands on with the Dell Streak

HTC Vision coming soon

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S will be with us soon

Samsung GT-i5700 Galaxy Portal Review

Acer neoTouch P300 review

O2 data network back to normal

Palm defend their decision to go with O2 again

Fieldrunners expodes onto Windows Mobile

Droppedboxx for Windows Mobiles

Pandora gets reviewed

Berrysnooper review

Orange Over Subscribed

PC World say no!

Good value corner:


Samsung Tocco Lite

Nokia C3

Hi guys Gareth,Andy James etc. (Umm … Matt!)

I always listen to your podcasts,keep up the great work.

I have a sony erriccson c905 and this year,last month had an upgrade(02) and now have unlimited internet data.

The phone is fine when i am only looking on websites,but if i were to go on you tube and try and play a video it will not play.

Also on the phone is the bbc iplayer and if i wanted to watch bbc1 etc it says about having the wifi turned off,which it was.

Why can i not watch any videos or live stuff.

On you tube in red writing at top says VIDEOS DISABLED BY OWNER,I to my knowledge have no idea what this is or what it means

but would like to know how i can enable it.

Thank You.


Another Chris

Hi guys, nice podcasting I listen to the 4 of you as I do my weekly cleaning. I love mobiles as much, if not more than you … in fact i think i’m a bit obsessed. Keep going with the podcasts and keep the site news coming!! I have noticed until yesterday that the amount of news on your site has reduced to only updates every 3 days or so.. nice to see more news coming now.

I thought you may be able to help with with an issue I have had … maybe answer it on the podcast? or not? I can’t be the only person with this issue though…

Anyway just over 6 months ago I moved from O2 to Vodafone and ported my number to a 12 month contract. I did this and moved from a Iphone to a HD2… I don’t remember having any issues with the HD2 although I didn’t have it for long and generally use my phone for data rather than voice. Since then I moved back to an Iphone (still on voda) and noticed a problem. If I had a 3g connection and tried to make a call the call failed  9/10 times or may ring once then cut off.

I thought it was probably the phone… and me being me moved to a Milestone (same issue)… then I moved to a Nexus One (same) then Iphone (still the same) .. then Nokia N900 and still had the same issue…. I called Vodafone and they said they changed some settings but it made no difference. I called again and they sent me a new sim card but it made no difference.

I have now (thanks to Andy) cancelled my Vodafone contract early and moved to Giffgaff… I have ported my number. I thought this might sort the issue but its still happening.

I have now ruled out the phone.. I have tried a network change and i have gone through 3 sim cards.

The only thing that has stayed constant is my number.

So.. the question is… why when i try and make a call (and it seems to be when i’m on 3.5g hsdpa) do I get a network busy signal when i try to make a call and what should I say to the network when I call them?

Hope you can help..


Just a short e-mail to let you know I enjoy your show.
Things have changed a bit in the line-up over the last few years and I think its great to see the Modaco guys getting some discipline and regularity in their braodcasting lives.
Anyway, I was wondering about this great offer from 3 in the UK: a MIFI device for 70-ish pound sterling. Does it really work with a rebel SIM? I want to use it on the t-mobile 3g network in Amsterdam, do you think it will work? How did you set this up for Edward? Is he happy (with his MiFI)?
Met vriendelijke groet / Kind Regards,
Benjamin van Ruyssevelt

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