By December 15, 2009

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 52

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Our latest podcast, Episode 52, is now available for download. This week we hit upon the Acer A1 Liquid, overseas calling, WebOS 1.3.5, the Google Phone and ducks. We also answer a couple of listener questions.

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Show Notes

HTC lining up 15 new Android devices

HTC 2010 Roadmap

WebOS 1.3.5 to finally kill off app storage limit?

T-Mobile Pulse under £100

Resco Photo Manager 7.00 Released

Dealers loosing out on Storm2

O2 announce O2 More

Boingo lies about Boingo Mobile

Vodafone simplifying overseas charges

HD2 gets ROM update

Google Goggles hits Android

Google Phone is Android HD2

Acer A1 Liquid unboxing

Reader question from Justin:
Sorry I know I’ve bombarded you with emails this last couple of weeks, but I’ve got a question.
Orange have just offered me a new handset to replace my tg01, one of those handsets is the htc hero. 3 or 4 months ago I would have bitten their hands of!. However, the tg01 appears to have increasingly calmed down of late and I’ve now got some great software running through it.
Thus the dilema! The hero appears lacking spec wise. So it no longer appears the stone bonker decision!
What do you think regarding the future of the tg01?
Should I get one and sell, then look elsewhere? I already have the iPhone 3gs, so this would be more a toy/pocket pc.

Thanks once again!!!

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