By June 26, 2013

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 203: T-T-T-T S-s-s-s ga-ga-ga muuuuu

Web bannerGareth, Matt and Dan are here with another UK update on the mobile front. Suffering a little lag from Skype the boys explore the Q10, the privacy fiasco, HTC’s bank balance and other stuff.

Featuring Gareth, Dan and Matt

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Show Notes

BlackBerry Q10 unboxing video
Streetcar Not Desired: Privacy Issues Stunt Google Initiatives
Who is the highest paid person at HTC? Iron Man of course!
A good-bye to EU roaming charges?
iOS 7 Beta 2
A good use for old tech?


Sony goes Phablet (Phucking huge phone!)

Listeners Garden


You seem to know everything about new mobile phones. I have been looking for a phone that could be operated with one hand ,and it should be water and crash proof. Reason to this is that my hobbies are flyfishing and Enduro riding.

the phone must also have a good big font size, so that I can read a text message in sunshine with my polaroids on, while wading in a river.

Same with during an Enduro ride .I must hear the phone and with helmet on and MX goggles on I must be able to operate  and talk on speaker mode.

Samsung 271 is no good . The already tiny font can only be modified smaller, not bigger.
Cat B25 (I have o0ne in front of me) seems to be a bit better,but I cant use it with sIM card without buying it, so I dont know.

My old NOKIA 6210 has big enough text (just enought ,could be bigger) but it has something wrong now with the antenna.

A good test for a phone is that can you operate in a car while driving and sunshine(although it is illegal) but that tells if it can be used as I mentioned.
Can you help me plese somehow (NO DORO)


Richard: Phones are that expensive they need finance?”@garethmyles: eXpansys 0% Finance Offer on the HTC One. Fancy picking up an HTC One"

Bargain Basement

Virgin Mobile- Sim Only- Everything Unlimited for £15.00

T- Mobile/EE Full Monty 12 month Sim Only plan – All Unlimted – calls to any network, Texts, Data and London Underground Wi-Fi – £16pm (no tethering)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 £295.00

Bargain TV from Costco

Worth a mention

Age of Empires coming to  Android and iOS

Coolsmartphone Podcast 1 year this week

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