By June 5, 2013

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 200: It’s About Time

Web bannerIt has been weeks, months, years but they are back and as bad as ever. Gareth, Matt, Dan and James examine the mobile industry and report back on all that they missed.

Featuring Gareth, Matt, James, Dan and Steve Litchfield

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Show Notes

Where have you been?

Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One compared (Part 2) ask about the xperia z
ChargeGenie unboxing and hands on – The perfect battery back up?
HTC One just got sexier
Sony announce the Xperia M

James’ Blackberry Briefs*

(*Not actual size)

Tablet Table

Nvidia Shield is ready to go
Asus announce a slew of new devices

Listeners Garden

Hi I am going to be getting this phone soon would you say its better then the blackberry 9900 wich I have got at the moment e.g does it have a good battrey life and all so does it have bluetooth and I’ve hared that iphone will be getting bbm will I be able to downlode it on this phone thanks hope to hear from you soon.


Hey Guys

A quick limerick to welcome you back to the "pod-waves" (if thats a word) from one of your faithful listeners across the pond.

There were these three blokes from the Isles

Whose ramblings we’ve missed ‘cross the miles.

Me thinks they’re just lazy,

and god knows they’re crazy,

but bring back our drunk technophiles!

Best wishes for another 200!


Bargain Basement

HTC One XL Smartphone £209.99 (including £10 topup) Instore @EE Phone costs £199.99 with mandatory £10 topup

NOKIA 620 Lumia New & Unlocked £109.95 PAYG Upgrade (No Need TopUp) £6 Cashback Quidco CPW

NOKIA 920 EE PAYG £249.99 + £10 topup (takes Orange/T-Mobile and EE SIM)

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Many thanks to The Stetz for the music

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