By November 7, 2012

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 189: Newcomers

Web bannerGareth, James and Dan catch up on the latest mobile phone and tablet news. This week Google drops three new devices and Apple a little one. Gareth’s son (Droid) makes a brief appearance and Dan gets angry at EE.

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Featuring – Gareth, James and Dan
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Show Notes
HTC One X+ unboxing
All the Nexususususus’s (Dan wants Nexus 4!!!)
O2 Nexus 4 Gubbins
HTC 8X Unboxing
HTC Desire X Unboxing
EE Speed Tests
EE Prices – Dan Discuss  (using EE 4G for a few days as of now)

Tablet Table
BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ announced
iPad mini – Discuss
VAIO Duo 11

Bargain Basement
Nokia Lumia 800 £159.99
Acer Iconia A110 £179.98inc. vat
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" Wi-Fi 8GB £149

Listeners Garden
Hi Matt,
Great, many thanks for that !   I thought it should be OK, but didn’t want to risk frying it.  Huawei said it had to be their own power supply and that seemed unusual.
I called Expansys and Huawei UK and couldn’t get an answer from either.  I’m surprised as having the WiFi dongle independent from a computer was one of the main features for me !
Your website is excellent :  a real mine of information there !!   I wish I’d discovered it sooner . Last week I bought an Asus Google Nexus 7 and am so far very happy with it.
The main reason was to have the Civil Aviation charts from Memory Map on it while flying light aircraft.  As the map tiles are downloaded, it works fine with GPS only.  Cellphones don’t work above 1500 ft anyway. I decided I could live with WiFi only and no 3G for once.
On the ground I use the home BT Infinity or BT hotspots or simply connect to my Motorola Defy phone built-in 3G Hotspot app.  The Huawei dongle will provide another option (I also have a data-only Vodafone SIM).  I used it in Greece with Greek SIM cards for my laptop and it worked fine.
You seem happy with the Nexus 7 ?   I saw some negative comments about build-quality elsewhere, but I wonder if there was some abuse by dropping etc.  It feels fairly solid to me and I have a rubber cover to protect it.
Anyway, thanks again for the lightning reply and I shall regularly visit your website.

James (NEW PIC!!)

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