By September 14, 2012

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 184: Apple My Hero

Web bannerGareth and James talk iPhone 5 and Blackberry 10. The lauch of the iPhone 5 has brought with it both over and underwhelming additions to Apple’s premiere platform. James also shares as much has he can about the Blackberry 10 operating system due to rock the new year!

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Regulars – Gareth, Matt, Tracy and James
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Show Notes
iPhone 5
James goes hands on with BlackBerry 10
Nokia WP8 – Lumia 920 and 820
Gold BlackBerry Bold 9900

Tablet Table
Viewsonic thing

Bargain Basement
Is this last weeks? – LG Prada 3.0 £179.00 – The price of the LG Prada has dropped again and is now available at ASDA for only £179.00 including delivery. At that price, maybe even James might like it? An ICS update is starting to roll out across Europe too. From Ben Hill.
Acer Liquid Gallant Duo Google Android £152.78 from Jaro
Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16GB £281.70
Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB £ 399.99
BlackBerry Bold at CPW

Listeners Garden
It’s funny you should mention big sd cards.
My Galaxy Note is rated for 32gb but has no problems running a SanDisk 64gb.
Although it’s SDHC compatibility rating should limit it to 32…
Toshiba’s latest range of tablets though IS fully SDXC compatible, sending their potential into the terabytes (2tb?).
A much more complex solution you can find in my Asus tf101.
The battery in its dock failed so I tore it out and inserted a 250gb slim harddrive from an expired Archos a70, and did a bit of soldering.
So now it can brag about 16gig internal, 32gig sd, 250gig inside the dock, AND some simple velcro allows me to mount an extra 250gig verbatim pocket drive or a less modest 750gig usb drive on an extended plate of the dock.
I confess to being addicted to portable storage, and all is when mounted together it is hardly as thin as is popular these days but it really is nice to have the options of this modular Frankenstein :-p
And it does run nice with cyanogen mod 10.
Don’t ask me how much work and flayed nerves I’ve put into it.
It was as much fun to do, as it is to look at now.?
arne lind

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