By August 29, 2012

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 183: Apple Vs Samsung

Web bannerGareth and Matt meet this week to discuss the recent result in the Apple/Samsung case. There is a new tablet from that little French company Gareth likes, seasonally and Matt bids farewell to a reluctant hero.


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Show Notes
Apple Vs. Samsung
Apple trying to ban 8 Samsung handsets
Tim Cook memo leak
Neil Armstrong dies
Everything Everywhere signs five year deal with Mastercard – NFC payments galore
HTC One X updates saga…

Tablet Table
ARCHOS announce the 101 XS Android 4.1 tablet
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 unboxing video

Bargain Basement
Amazon offering 5GB free Cloud storage
Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16GB £294.00
BLACKBERRY PlayBook Tablet PC – 64 GB £129
Upgrade to the Galaxy S III or Note and you could receive a free Tab 2 worth £299

Listeners Garden
Dear James and Gareth,
In the last podcast you said that you doubted any of the current smartphones would be LTE compatibility. I looked around on the web and found that Samsung put  4G chips into S3 phones in markets where they knew that LTE was coming close to release or was active at time of release. This means that if Samsung knew about Everything Everywhere’s plan to get LTE this year they may have put LTE chips into UK released phones.
Could you just say for anyone planning to buy a S3 but haven’t yet to get one from Korea or America so they have LTE chips in them.

Matt Davis not on podcast again, again!
This message is for Gareth and James.
We loved the last podcast.
We also liked “guess the phone” by it is sad that James does not know his Nokia from his HTC
Megadodo Publications
Ursa Minor Beta

Just got listening to the podcast and found the points on phone hardware and its rapid progress interesting. You mentioned the Playstation and its processor working well for 6-7 years.  I totally agree that with a good foundation in hardware the clever work can be done with the software to continue development to keep the masses happy.
My xbox has gone from pixel-tastic games to hi-res wonders over the years with no change in hardware. This will then make the hardware upgrade cycle every 18months-2 years more manageable for both the OEM’s and the consumer pocket.  Great podcast btw

What’s the number with James

App Attic
Top 5 Apps To Locate Your Phone in Case You Lose It

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