By August 22, 2012

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 182: A Superior Samsung

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James and Gareth discuss the rumor of a new Galaxy Nexus from Samsung, 4G LTE coming to the UK, tablet goodness from Samsung and a whole host of bargains. Fun for all the family. Actually – it isn’t!

Regulars – Gareth Myles, James Richardson and Matt Davis
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Show Notes
A new Superior  Nexus from Samsung?
Sony Xperia SL Officially Revealed
Everything Everywhere get the go-ahead for 4G
RIM UK gets a new boss
Huawei Ascend P1 will reportedly be "enhanced" for the UK market

Tablet Table
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 unboxing video
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 now available at Carphone Warehouse
HP creating consumer tablets
Microsoft Surface tablet may cost $599, have Wi-Fi only

Bargain Basement
Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB £ 419.00
Blackberry Playbook 16GB £129.00 (32GB £149.00)
SONY P Series £189.97
Galaxy Tab & Galaxy Y bundle from Carphone Warehouse

Listeners Garden
This message is for Gareth and James.
We have enjoyed our holiday on planet Rupert (you know it as “Eris 557”) with our friends the Grebulons. The three suns that you can see in the daytime give a wonderful colour to Rupert’s surface. We decided also to have a couple of days on Mars to watch the landing of the earth vehicle, we believe you call it “theCuriosity rover”. It is a pity that the earth people didn’t take into account the wind on Mars – as we watch the lander going down wind of us.
Like planet Rupert we love the temperature on Mars – max -3.9 C and min -84.3 C.
The other thing that we watched while on Mars was what you call “the Olympics”. The last Olympics that we watched and went to was in Earth date 396 BC. It was a wonderful games and had the first woman in history to win at the Olympic games – Kyneska of Sparta. We also liked Varazdat (the Armenian prince) and his victory in pugilat.
We have now got your Windows 8 RTM version and find the performance on our “32 core” machines wonderful – it is a pity that we can’t access the 2 terabytes of memory that is fitted as standard. The new capabilities for handling disc drives helps with access the partitions on our small 10 terabyte drives as well.
We are still worried for Earth as your man “Matt” was not on the last podcast. We have so far managed to stop the Intergalactic mafia from destroying him and his datacentre but it is only time before they get very upset.
In the past we have asked for more information about the Microsoft Tablet computers but you couldn’t give it to us. Here is what we have found out so far – the figures are on what you call battery.  HD Video Playback – 8 hours to 13 hours. Connected Standby – 320 hours to 409 hours. Animation level – 60fps.
Megadodo Publications
Ursa Minor Beta

What’s the number with James

App Attic
Feed the Kitten
DerManDar (DMD) Panorama

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