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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 179: Featuring Extended Time!

Web bannerGareth and James talk. Things happen. Pie gets served. A ZTE is unboxed. A Sony is unboxed. A rant occurs about HTC and Sony. You know the score.

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Show Notes
Sony Xperia Go unboxing video
ZTE Grand X unboxing video
BlackBerry Curve 9320 in white now available on Three
2011 Sony Xperia handsets will NOT get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Desire HD not getting Ice Cream Sandwich

Tablet Table
Archos teases Gen 10 tablet
Nexus 7 cases

In other news
Google postpones Nexus Q retail launch

Bargain Basement
New bargain of the year? – ZTE ks on Virgin Mobile
Virgin SIM Only £12 – 1200 minutes Unlimited texts 1GB Mobile Web
LG Prada 3.0
BLACKBERRY 16GB PlayBook Tablet PC – £119.25 including delivery normal price £119 + £6.20(postage) = £125.20 use code 3DSOUND 5% off = £119.25
BLACKBERRY PlayBook Tablet PC – 32GB £138.25 including delivery normal price £139 + £6.20(postage) = £145.20 use code 3DSOUND 5% off = £138.25
plus 3% quidco/tcb too
Asus Transformer TF101 £187.37

Listeners Garden
Like Gareth and James I recently pur-chased a reasonably priced Galaxy Nexus 16GB (now running Jelly Bean) and I have both a question and a personal revelation to share.  I leave you to decide if they are worthy of broadcast.
My question.  I use a PIN code to lock my phone and this results in what I think is odd behaviour on the part of my Nexus.  If I click on a Notification in the drop down Notification Thingy (e.g. Facebook, emails) I am sent to the PIN lock screen i.e. a numeric pad for unlocking the phone.  This is after I have unlocked my phone, which is rubbish.  Why do I have unlock every individual notification to read it?  Luckily I discovered, after much swearing, that at this point if I use the power switch to turn the phone off and then on again I am taken to the subject of the notification without further ado i.e. I don’t need to input the PIN code at all.  Is that not daft?!  I would be interested to know if your Nexuses (or those of your listeners) behave in the same way or if mine is a duffer?  I would also be intrigued to hear of any fixes you might suggest.  N.B. I experienced something similar on a Nexus S running ICS.
My personal revelation.   Previously I gave up on Android due to the rotten battery life.  I work 12 hour shifts in a busy hospital and despite trying numerous tweaks, my HTC Desire HD never lasted the working day.   As a result I took up with an iPhone 4; great battery life but much less fun.  Since getting the Nexus I have finally figured out how to make my Android phone last all day.   Turn the mobile data off.  My phone still gets calls and texts and when I want to check my email or the internet I just turn the data back on.  There are loads of simple Data Toggle widgets in Google Play that sit on a homescreen and make this very easy.  Today my battery was at 80% at the end of the shift.  Granted I only had time to check webby stuff occasionally, but it is simply marvellous to have an Android phone AND not to have to worry about battery life AT ALL!!  Hurrah.  The end.

This message is for Gareth and James again.
I listened to you latest podcast which we can pick-up via our Yagi-Uda array radio antenna. We were glad to hear that Matt did appear on the latest podcast but this has not stopped the inter-galactic mafia from considering destroying where Matt lives and the datacentre that he works with.
We were not very happy about the comments that Matt made about Windows 8 as we are currently using it to control ourYagi-Uda arrays radio antenna and will be upgrading to the final release on the 26th October online using our FCoE connected link. Matt should understand the implications of a FCoE connection.
We also liked Matt’s discussion of “surface” but as this level of understanding is normally understood by our 2 year children we thought it was very basic. By the age of 12 our children are learning about wave-particle duality, Quantized atomic vibrations and Schrödinger gas model. This makes them quite clever in Earth terms.
We always use the Einstein-Szilard refrigerator to keep things cool as well.
Anyway, we are now off on holiday to planet Rupert (you know it as “Eris 557”) for a few weeks to meet with our friends the Grebulons.
Megadodo Publications
Ursa Minor Beta

@garethmyles My local CPW had #Lumia710 on offer for just £99 + top-up today. Seems Nokia prices go down as their share price goes up 🙂
I have decided to patent my hands free idea, can you help me with the ins and outs? Matt seems to know his business, Gareth can market and James can play a tambourine in the background.

What’s the number with James

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Android Lost
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