By August 24, 2011

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 133: HP be gone

Web bannerIt’s the end of the road for WebOS as HP ceases sale of the HP Touchpad, Pre 3 and the Veer. Matt has unboxed the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro, the Nokia X7 gets a luke-warm review and James get’s some time with the new Blackberry Curve 9360.

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Regulars – Gareth, Matt, Tracy and James

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Show Notes
HP discontinues webOS devices!
Xperia Mini Pro unboxed

RIM announce new BlackBerry Curves
BlackBerry Curve 9360 – Hands on video

Nokia X7 Review

The new Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

LG announce the Optimus Sol

Samsung unleashes a powerful gaming notebook

Xperia PLAY to showcase new content and functionality at Gamescom 2011


Tablet Table

Eee Pad Slider detailed

Advent Vega gets honeycomb 3.2


Bargain Basement

Sony Ericsson XPERIA mini £149.95 Plus £10 topup


Listeners Garden

I’m having my S2 exchanged today. Will let you know. Its bad that Samsung are not saying anything on this matter.
Just received the replacement from the courier. Gonna boot it up shortly! Fingers Crossed!!
The replacement still has it, but it is not as prominent. Not sure whether to keep it, Hmmmm
How did you get into blogging?

Hey Matt, I’m a big fan of your blog and love referring to it for help on reviewing devices. At the moment i just cant seem to decide what to get! I don’t like the new windows 7 OS, tried a live demo at a shop and was impressed with the touch sensitivity and multimedia options but being an avid windows mobile fan, I wasnt happy at how flexible and customizable it is.
Right now, I’m looking for the best windows mobile device i can get for up to £200 on ebay. its between HTC HD2 and HD mini… love the processor on HD2 but is mini worth the sacrifice of CPU speed? plus up till now, I’ve always used a stylus on my devices so not really sure how i’m going to fare with touch screen…
i guess it boils down to these questions:
if you had to choose between the two – which would you advise? HD2 or HD mini?
if neither, which one?
and whatever device i choose in the end, are the easy to upgrade? in terms or ROM’s?
Really appreciate if you could get back to me, be a massive help…
thank you kindly… I dress like a lady.

Hey Matt,
I have gone through your blogs and must admit …. you people rock !!! I have a little confusion between xperia x10 mini pro and htc desire . I have read the reviews of both ,but confused as to which one i shall go for. Please suggest me the better of the two. Reply soon.

App Attic
Reckless Getaway on Android
Rise Of Glory – WP7
Wikitude – BlackBerry 7

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