By August 3, 2011

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 130: Also available in 3D – technology permitting

Web bannerGareth and James go it alone tonight as Matt is in hiding. Details on the podcast. Also the boys talk about some mobile phones, funnily. The LG Optimus 3D is scrutinised. What is expected from the Blackberry 9900 launch and Orange are doing Ice Cream, not sandwiches mind you.

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Starring – Gareth and James
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Show Notes

LG Optimus 3D Review

T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide unboxing video

ZTE Tureis demo video

BlackBerry 9900 official launch event

Virgin Media gives its tariffs a makeover

Help bring the Orange Ice Cream van to your town

The Nokia 500 announced

Samsung Galaxy S II coming soon to Clove in White

Synaps External Battery Reviews

Tablet Table
Orange stocking the BlackBerry PlayBook
Apple tosses Samsung’s tablet out of Oz

Skype for iPad at last!

Bargain Basement

Sony Ericsson Xperia arc £359.99 on Pay & Go

ZTE Skate Sim Free Android Smartphone £249.99 @ Amazon

Listeners Garden

Hi guys,
I’m looking for a good VOIP and IM app for the Android platform and wondered if you had any good ones lurking up in the attic. I would liked to have used Skype, but it’s so resource hungry it does not work on my Wildfire S, and as Matt proved on last weeks podcast, it’s not the most reliable platform either. The problem is, there seems to be so many available on the Android Market I don’t know which is best – can you recommend a good one?
Love the podcast, keep up the good work.
Ben Hills.

Hi this Robert from the States (may know me as RobNaj on the Twitter)
As one of your listener from America often we do not get the same selection of mobile phones and I have thought of importing mobile phones but I am unsure what sites import mobile phones for a fair prices if you could mention some sites that import to the US in your next PodCast that would be fanatic.
Also if you could menton the price of mobile phones also in US dollars especially if appropriate during the bargain basement that would be nice.
Thank You
PS Love the PodCat keep up the good work.

hi im in a dilemma so was wondering if can get a second opinion,
i cannot make my mind up between the 9300 curve and the 9780 bold.
the contract on 9780 is for 25 pounds a month with 150 pounds cash back over 24 months period. with this deal i get 300 mins, unlimited texts, 500 gig internet and bb services. basically after the cashback the deal is worth £18.00 a month
now with the 9300 curve i m getting 600mins unlimited internet and one meg internet along with BB services this deal is woth £14.40. if you can give me some feed back on it

Hi guys.
Just listened to the latest podcast. Good job.
I’ve come across a cheap tablet and wondered if you guys are able to get a review unit. It’s named the andypad. Anything to do with a previous podcaster?
Keep up the good work. Still loving the podcast.
Oh one last thing thank you for the recommendation of the iPhones 4 instead of the desire. Love the phone and my mate bought the desire. Althouht I love android I still think it needs a little more polishing.

Does anyone have friends or followers from Spain, who use ebook readers in Spain.. A good friend is looking to buy a ebook reader like kindle, but if I remember it correctly, then her kindle bought in the UK would have the UK kindle market, so probably not many books for Spanish speakers.. Once she eventually moves back to Spain from the UK, that won’t be great.. Would the new Kobo reader, or the Sony one, or some other device be better for Spain in regards of the market?
hugs and kisses
Jaro x

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Many thanks to The Stetz for the music 

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