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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 116: A lawsuit in the making!

Web bannerTime once again for another exicting podcast. This week Gareth, James and Matt are joined by Dan from Coolsmartphone. Hitting an epic length Gareth updates you on an Award the podcast is up for that’s to you fans for nominating. The HTC Incredible S, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Acer Liquid Metal are all evaluated. Apple’s battle with Samsung is addressed and Matt has had his hands all over the Nokia E7 and the LG Optimus 2X.

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Regulars – Gareth, James, Matt and Tracy
Guest – Dan from Coolsmartphone

Show Notes


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Mobile Tech Addicts podcast award nomination
HTC Incredible S review
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Review
Acer Liquid Metal Review
PlayBook Launch Day
LG Optimus 2X unboxing video
Nokia E7 unboxing video
Apple Vs Samsung: The legal battle of the century
HTC goes on tour
Orange Unveils Pricing And Availability For Motorola ATRIX
T-Mobiles new advert

Tablet Table
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 video
Flyer Wifi pricing

Bargain Basement
T-Mobile – Pay as you go, 100 free minutes to UK networks, anytime Top up just £10 to get your free minutes the next month. Internet – 12 months free internet worth £40 when bought with £10 top-up

Listeners Garden

Voice Message from Mike Oxlong – Any chance of an iPhone 5 soon?
Hey, i’m wondering which tablet you would reccomend between the Archos 101 or Advent Vega, i want the tablet for web browsing around the house and watching Youtube style video clips and maybe playing a few apps.

I used to have a HTC desire and loved android but hated the lack of application storage and the terrible battery life so i moved to an iPhone 4. I am now getting really bored of the iOS interface and want to move back to an android handset but im not sure which one to go for.
I like the look of the HTC sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S2 (and maybe even the Atrix). Which would you go for? The look of the Sensation and Sense 3.0 grab my attention but it only has 1gb on board whereas the Galaxy S2 looks nice and has at least 16gb on board but ive never used touchwiz and im not sure how it compares to Sense 3.0 in terms of performance and funtionality.
Looking forward to hearing your opinions

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