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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 113: A Couple of Pros

Web bannerTracy and Gareth get together this week for a podcast as Matt and James are away cavorting with the mobile companies. Addressing Matt’s marathon unboxing session over the weekend Tracy plays with a couple of the devices Gareth had the privilege of seeing in Barcelona. There is a bunch of news about upcoming tablets and decisions from Google about Android.

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Regulars – Gareth and  Tracy

Show Notes

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More devices from HTC?
Apple announce dates for their Worldwide Developer Conference
Three announces new Premium Dongle
The Samsung Galaxy S Plus 1.4ghz stirs up some chatter
HTC Desire S unboxing video
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc (retail) unboxing video
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play unboxing video – That list of games in HERE
Sony Ericsson X10 to get Gingerbread
Android introduces In app Billing

Tablet Table
The Ultimate Android tablet and bad news for all those early adopters
Archos high end devices to be announced in June
Asus Eee Pad Transformer gets priced – But Amazon doing it for £380

Bargain Basement
Advent Vega £204 (£264 in store)

Listeners Garden

Hello Matt!
I am interested in purchasing a tablet and i have 3 tablets in mind. the huawei ideos s7, archos 70, and archos 101. i wondering which one is the best in your opinion? Right now i am leaning towards the huawei because you can use it as a phone, it has the full android market, and you can use it as a gps system via google maps. Can you make calls and text on either of the archos tablets? I would really enjoy it if you could make me a chart or tell me the features of each tablet. And i hear you can add the full android market to the archos tablets but can does it really work?
Lucas from the USA
Android Tablets of the past
Android Tablets of the present/future

Hello guys, I’m a regular listener of your podcast for the last 3 years, but I thought this time its worth showing how frustrating it is hearing James burping and farting through listener’s ears and seeing it to be funny!
I’m planning on jumping on the tablet bandwagon and was really impressed with the ‘awesomeness’ and power of Honeycomb especially with Samsung’s  latest thinner tablets launched in CTIA once they are released, however I’m worried how would normal apps from the Android market work and show on the tablet. My main interest is in web browsing, email and news reading, not interested to have 1000s of apps customized for tablets I won’t be using, so would you please give me some advice?

App Attic
Cyberlords reduced to 87p now!
Jenga on iPad2 – 59p

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Many thanks to The Stetz for the music 

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