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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 111: St. Patricks Day

Web-banner11Time for another podcast. On this joyful St. Patricks Day Gareth, Tracy, Matt and James natter about the Palm Pre, ZTE, the Playbook and Matt invites you all out to have a drink with him.

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Regulars – Gareth, James, Matt and Tracy

Show Notes

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ZTE Announces 2010 Annual Results
Palm Pre 2 Review
Seenda Power Magic unboxing video
BlackBerry PlayBook – Hands on Video
Baftas for Cut the Rope
Mentions to Twang! and My Empire – both likely to be iPhone bound but Twang! is a lesser version of Squibble
BlackBerry FaceBook competition
Drinks with James and Matt.

Tablet Table

iPad 2 coming to Three
Sky News for iPad is launched
Adobe Flash 10.2 for Honeycomb dated
Media Sync on the BlackBerry PlayBook
HTC Flyer expected mid April

Bargain Basement

Streetfigher 4 For iPhone – 59p @ iTunes *All Proceeds To Japan Quake*
Lexar 16GB Micro SDHC Memory Card / Class 4 – £14
3 Original Broadband Ready to Go 12GB Preloaded Data Sim
T-mobile sim only 600 mins 500 text 500mb Data 12 months – £7.50 per month – TMobile for new & existing customers

Vodafone SIM only for Blackberry via Quidco

Listeners Garden

James. Question for tonights listener garden. I see there are whispers of bbm being released for android. Have you heard this? Any idea when

Hi Gareth,

  Just to explain..
  I was with three for 3 consecutive contracts. The last one finished just this month, and you know how it is – you don’t call them up in advance, they’ll let you pay as much as they can, unless you want to upgrade. I didn’t plan to upgrade, as there’s no headsets at the moment that I would like. I own Desire HD with a GiffGaff sim in it (where I use around 8 GB of data a month for a 10er..) and my N97 that I took with the contract 2 years ago (on the launch date, silly me..)
  So I called India up, telling them that’s it, that I’d like to be taken down to the £10.00 a month rolling contract, until I see something that will be amazing enough for me to go for it. After a 30 minutes chat with Ranjeet or what ever his name was, I finally made him understand, that it makes no sense to try to convince me to go for something else.
  My girlfriends contract was over as well, and as she is not capable of anything herself, relying on me with everything, I was the one on the phone again. She has a Nokia M86 and is happy with it. I intended to do the same for her as I did for myself. I called up 3, and after she confirmed her details, I started another battle..
  What came out of it is what you see in the picture.. Not sure, if it’s only for cases like me and my girlfriend, but it looks a decent enough deal to me.
  I told him we’re both using a lot of data, but both have giffgaff sim, but we use the contract phones as the main numbers for calling, and texting. He offered me a GB of data, and the Talk 500 plan for a year, but with the option to upgrade anytime. So if something comes to 3 in a month, I can go for it, no termination fee, they just switch me over to the new plan. You can see he added another GB on top as well, as I still wasn’t happy, I have 5000 3 to 3 minutes, and there’s a discount of £5.00 as well. So we’ll be both paying 13 quid a month for 500 minutes or texts cross network, 2,5 GB of data, and 5000 3 to 3 minutes.. 
  That’s not bad me thinks.. Is that a bit of a bargain or what?
  By the way, love the podcast, regular listener, a symbian to android convert, fan of the website and you guys. Actually met Mat and James on the Desire HD launch, maybe will have the chance to shake your hand as well once, if you guys do a readers meetup kind of thing.. hope you keep up the good work..



PS: I was actually the one recommending Beluga.. 😀


Hello, im thinking about buying a sasung galaxy s on contract. The contract im looking at is £25 a month and includes 1gb of internet. Im not sure if this would be enough, as id use my wifi for downloading apps but id use my mobile internet for facebook updates and twitter etc. Would this be enough if i checked it about once a day?
Thanks, Ryan 🙂

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