By February 11, 2011

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 106: The Palm Trio

Web bannerThis week Gareth, James, Matt and Tracy are all over the HP/Palm announcements, even though some are not terribly excited about them. Matt has been playing with the HTC 7 Pro. Gareth gets a bit gooey over the Toshiba Tablet, Tracy enjoys some of the BBC’s programming and James gives us an example of the Hackney slang you might expect.

With Mobile World Congress right around the corner Gareth reveals his action plan. Who and what he plans to see. If you have any suggestions or requests for Gareth to cover then drop him a line on [email protected] or on Twitter @garethmyles.

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Regulars – Gareth, Matt, James and Tracy

Show Notes

Video on Skype coming to Android

HP – TouchPad



HTC 7 Pro Unboxing

Sprint announce the Kyocera Echo

EA’s Need for Speed Undercover and the Tetris Game Coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook at Launch


Tablet Table

Toshiba Tablet gets its own site

Sony Reader app barred from App Store, Kindle lives on

Bargain Basement

Vodafone mobile Broadband from

100 minutes, 100 Texts, And add a FREE exclusive Booster (Unlimited internet, landline, t-mobile-tmobile or Texts) £6

8 things £8 each

Tesco mobile 12mth smartphones £20pm

Listeners Garden

Hey, I’m going to buy a new phone, and I was thinking about these Vivaz phones, I personally like Vivaz better than the Pro.
What would you choose or what is the better one?
Greetings from Norway 😀

Per Bergheim

Hey guys, wondering if you could give me a bit of advice. I’m using a Blackberry Curve 8520 now and to be frank I hate the damn thing. I’m looking to get a Windows Phone 7 Phone, got my eyes on the Samsung Omnia 7 but also tempted to try out the HTC 7 Trophy.
The main issues I have with WP7 is the fact I’m not sure it’s fully compatible with Mac’s? That’s all I really use at home, apart from a Cloud based laptop I have setup. Which of the 2 I’ve mentioned do you think is best for me? I’m a bit of a photographer, so the camera is a must and I do like a good screen which makes me think of getting the Omnia 7.
Cheers guys,

blackberry pearl 3g 9105

bought this phone and after awhile of exploring it thru menu and etc. I lost 3 home screen Icons its nowhere to be found and I hope it was not deleted, now my question is How can I restore the three Icons back in its Place in the homescreen. Thank You Very Much…. hope u can shed some solutions or what will I do with those Icon to restore it back.

App Attic

BBC iPlayer for Android and iPad

Google Translate for iPhone

Silly Soundboard for WP7

Keyboard from Android 2.3

BlocksOfLight – POO


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