By February 4, 2011

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 105: The Magnificent Two

Web bannerDespite being three regulars down and in the midst of a quiet week Gareth and Matt manage to pack a show with all the latest rumblings from the world of mobile technology. James manages to break away from chairing an international conference to drunken slobber in your delicate ear canals. Samsung tease us, Rim pop out a few items, Matt shakes his fist at Orange and Gareth get’s ripped off by Gameloft for a whole £1. £1!!!!!

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Regulars – Gareth and Matt

Show Notes

Details from the Google Event

Is this the HTC Desire 2?

BlackBerry is the number one Smartphone brand in the UK!

BlackBerry CDMA roadmap leaked

Matt’s new 9780

Samsung teases again before MWC

Samsung Wave 2 hits UK stores

Samsung Introduces LOVEFiLM streaming to all Blu-ray players

Samsung moan

Tuqsoft moan


Tablet Table

BlackBerry PlayBook for Business

Display panel for Apple’s iPad 2 acquired; lighter, thinner, smaller border?


Bargain Basement

250 mins (up from 150 because people liked it on Facebook), Unlimited Texts, Unlimited Internet with no fair usage (no tethering though), £10 a month

HTC Desire Z FREE on O2 £20.42/18m 100 mins and unlimited texts but no data+ Quidco @ Dial-A-Phone (9 Months @ £20.42 = £183.78 9 Months @ £15.32 = £137.88 Less £65 Quidco makes a total of £256.66)

HTC Desire HD – £389

TeckNet Dual-Port iEP380 5000mAh Universal USB Battery Pack – £22

T-Mobile Pulse Mini £50


Listeners Garden

Matt, like you I’ve just got a new BlackBerry. Can you tell me the best way to transfer all the stuff from my old BB to the new one?



I am thinking about getting a Galaxy Tab. can you tell me if I can use Skype with the webcam or if I can make voice calls?

John M


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