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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 102: Where ya been Uncle Andy?

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This week Andy is back with Gareth, James and Matt. CES is over and there is a wealth of new exciting devices on the radar. The boys try to cover some of the more interesting handsets and tablets that we can expect to see in the UK over the next few months. In addition Andy makes up for lost time with rants about Orange, T-Mobile, 3, Verizon, Blackberry and anything else he happens to think of.

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Regulars – Gareth, Andy, Matt, James

Show Notes

T-Mobile move the goal posts on data

3 going unlimited
HTC Wildfire in Black from Orange
Acer announces the beTouch E210
Acer annouces Liquidmini at CES

Dell Venue Pro – UK delay
Mac App Store

Moto Atrix

Samsung Galaxy Player – Hands on with James

Blackberry Security Alerts

WP7 Update Details

VERIZON IPHONE (do we care?)

Tablet Table

BlackBerry PlayBook Demo

Why Blackberry is losing market share… and quotes from m.z. of rim from CES

Advent Vega review

Introducing Motorola XOOM gets a price of 719.00 UKP  (OW)

Zaggmate with Keyboard unboxing video

Ocosmos announces gaming tablet

Bargain Basement

Pre-Order LG Optimus X2 £499

Sim Only, 2000 Any network mins, 5000 3to3 calls, 5000 Text Messages, Unlimited Internet, £13.75 pm @ 3 Mobile – Unlimited being Unlimted here!

Angry Birds HD Free

Runkeeper free on Android and iPhone

Listeners Garden

Just wanted to send in my thoughts about 2010 and what I think will happen in 2011.
Device of the Year: 1) HTC Desire HD running CM6.1.3 with ADWLauncher EX 2) iPad
OS of Year: Android
Surprise of the Year: iPad
iOS: Will get updates such as real multi-tasking, Wifi hotspot and better notifications.
Windows Phone 7: Whenever Cut-Copy and Paste and Multi-tasking come to WP7, it will be a great OS and this time next year it will be in 3rd place after Android and iOS.
Android: Better media integration, better apps and marketplace.
Symbian: It should fall back into the fiery depths of hell where it has had a place reserved since it was born.
WebOS: HP will announce something really cool but won’t have any impact on the market and WebOS will die. (Unfortunately)
Blackberry: Meh…
Biggest Anticipation of 2011: Motorola Atrix
Manufacturer to Watch: HTC
Devices Starting year with: HTC Desire HD, iPad, Nokia C7
Happy New Year Guys!
Patrick Rigby

Hi Matt, have this as my first mobile phone so very inexperienced. I can’t seem to find out how to download video and camera shots of my kids to my pc for subsequent storing on a dvd. I seem to have been told I need to load "activesync" somewhere. Then I saw a site that said I just use the usb between the desire and pc. Tried that and couldn’t see the files anywhwere. Can you help as Telstra (our monster telco over here in Oz) are "customer averse", thanks Greg

Hi!  I’m so glad I found your podcast today while checking out YouTube about my new phone.  My big question now is, which type of phone case do you recommend for my Epic 4G?  I’m overwhelmed with all the options, and have no idea whether I should get plastic, rubber, or ????? I saw one on Amazon that is a Cellet Rubberized Proguard Case.  Do you know and recommend that one?  It’s only $8.16, so can’t beat that.
Your suggestions will be appreciated!!  Thanks for you site!

Please can you advise me on how to install the Android 2.2 update on my Nokia E71. Should I remove the SIM and Backup first? How do I backup?


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