By August 3, 2009

Mobile Number Porting to become even quicker


The time it takes to port a mobile phone number could fall according to new plans from Ofcom, the independent communications authority. Thanks to Ofcom, the UK already had shorter porting times than the majority of Europe when they were able to reduce the process from five days to two working days. But, while we have bragging rights over the vast majority of Europe, it seems two days is one two many for Ofcom’s liking with the proposed changes shortening the process to one day and potentially even as short as two hours.

The potential changes revolve around how the porting process works. With around 71% of mobile users claiming it is important for them to be able to retain the same number when changing providers, the current process involves requesting a PAC (porting authorisation code) from the original network and giving it to the new provider. The new plans would remove the customers involvement in the process and instead place the responsibility on the new provider therefore not only speeding up the process but also easing it for consumers.

The other interesting change that Ofcom have proposed is how calling a ported number works. In its current format, a phone call to a ported number is first routed to the original network provider and then transferred to the customers new provider. Simplifying this process could save the mobile industry £26 million over ten years, a saving that could then be passed on to consumers.

So, faster mobile number porting and cheaper call charges? Yes please Ofcom. The new porting process is aimed to be in place by 2011 with the new routing solution pencilled in for the following year. Keep an eye on the blog for any further developments.

[Via The UK Mobile Phone Blog]

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